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Customer Support

Capitol Conferencing understands how important your business communications are and we are committed to the smooth execution of your meetings.  Customer support is available to you 24/7/365 at 866-766-0100.  Anytime you hear a voicemail message, always leave your name and phone number where you can be reached and your account representative will return your call promptly.

 Co-op invoicing available

Co-op invoicing allows conference call charges to be split billed among all participants.  When cost sharing is the best option,
Co-op invoicing is the solution.  It is used frequently by associations, coalitions, etc., that may be working together for like legislation, special meetings, or like causes. Contact your account representative today to request co-op invoicing for an upcoming conference call.

“Free” Conference Calling internet advertising – Don’t be fooled!

Don’t be fooled by internet sites that offer “free” conference calling.  If you read the fine print, it notes that even though there is not a charge (invoice) for the conference call, usual long distance telephone charges apply.  These usual long distance charges are "additional charges" that appear in a separate area on your phone bill from the company managing the conference call.  This means that in reality, each participant on the “free” conference call may be charged a higher than normal per minute rate for long distance by the teleconferencing company. 

Everyday we have new customers switch to Capitol Conferencing because of charges on their phone bills for so-called “free” conference calls.

If you have looked at “free” conferencing to share costs, talk to Capitol Conferencing about special Co-op invoicing – it is the perfect solution for customers that need to share the cost of a conference call between participants.  See Co-op invoicing section above.  

Cost Comparison available 

Not sure if you are getting the best service for the best price for your conferencing needs? Capitol Conferencing will be happy to provide you with an “apples to apples” analysis using one of your current invoices. The service is free of charge.  We want to show you that we can provide the best service for the best price.  Contact an account representative today.


Capitol Conferencing rewards you or your company for referrals.   Ask your account representative about your reward for referrals that become customers of Capitol Conferencing. 


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Additional services
save you time and money!


Additional Services:

 Video Conferencing

Capitol Conferencing has the solution to help meet your video needs.

Transcriptions of recorded conference calls available on request

This service is available for conference calls that have been recorded to CD or cassette. Ask your account representative for complete details on how this service would benefit you and your staff. 

 Fax Broadcast / Fax Blast

    Are your customers deleting your important email announcements before reading them?  Fax broadcast, or fax blast, is perfect for contacting your customers for a one-time event or on a regular basis.  Ask your account representative for complete details on how you can utilize this service to contact your customers and make your job more cost and time efficient if you need to send: 

    • Meeting notifications
    • Publication ratecards
    • News Bulletins
    • Press Releases
    • Letters and Solicitations to your customer
    • Announcements
    • Reminders
Fax Receive

Fax Receive allows large quantities of "signed" forms to be received during a short period of time, perfect service when a signature is required.

Low Cost Long Distance

Low cost long distance is available for both personal as well as business use.  Our long distance service includes travel cards with no surcharges, any type of toll free (800, 888, 877) and T-1 rates.


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